We are very competitive in the range of Products & Services that we offer; but more importantly, what sets us apart, are the relationships that we share with our valued customers.

Malladi offers the following:  


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Intermediates and Speciality Products
Chiral Building blocks and Speciality Chemicals


Contract Manufacturing
GMP compliant manufacturing
Collaborative and non-competing business model
Exclusive project working relationship for grams kilos- commercial
Intellectual Property Protection

Custom Synthesis

Non-infringing processes
Synthesis of API's and Complex Advanced Intermediates
Biosynthesis of API's, Intermediates and Performance Chemicals
Intellectual Property Protection

Contract Research

New Chemical entities Global patents
Non-infringing processes
Competently staffed- Doctorates in Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Pharmacology and Microbiology
In-house process development and technology driven.

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